A belated New Years Eve feast from Ashmont Grill

Yes, it was three days late, but it was worth the wait!

Barbara and I ordered a huge take-out feast from our favorite restaurant, the Ashmont Grill. It will take us another three days to eat it all. The four items that we had last night for dinner were all delicious, and I’m sure the others will be equally so. As Barbara always says, “Leftovers are a good thing.

So, what are we taking about here? Fried garlic parmesan chicken wings; chef’s black bean chili with braised beef, cheddar, and scallions; fried Brussels sprouts with fish sauce, cilantro, lime & mint; lobster tail with court bouillon (you can look it up); house-braised lamb ragu with rigatoni and parmesan; and surf and turf consisting of a 10 oz. New York strip (definitely grilled rare as ordered, as you see in the photo!), lobster tail, mashed potatoes, grilled jumbo asparagus, and garlic butter. Wow!



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