They both have samples of my DNA. Why do they disagree about my ancestry?

My ancestry, says, is 100% Ashkenazy Jewish!

No, says CRI Genetics, it’s 66.1% Ashkenazy Jewish!

So who’s right? It’s always a good idea to ask for a second opinion. I trusted, which is respected and has a well-known name, but CRI Genetics is from Harvard, so they must surely be trustworthy. had said this:

Now CRI Genetics says this:

CRI also gave me this helpful information:

You’re 66.1% Jewish  

Your ancestors in this region were famous for shepherding. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Rachel, and King David all herded goats and sheep. The idea of being a “shepherd” has since become a metaphor embraced by many Jewish people, committing to a humble life of relative solitude and reflection while also tending to the needs of a flock.

Whatever you say. But 66.1% is far from 100%. Any explanations?

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