“Yes, it’s my real name. Shut up!”

You probably don’t believe it’s his real name, so check out the first chapter of Randy Rainbow’s memoir, Playing with Myself. He even includes a photo of his birth certificate (but Republicans will probably claim that it’s a fake—just like Obama’s, you know):

Anyway, you will definitely want to read this memoir. It’s no surprise that 90% of it is truly funny. It might be a surprise that 10% of it is completely serious, but you’ll have to read the whole book to find out which 10%. Go do it; it will be worth your time.

A couple of tidbits that struck me:

  • Coming back to the point that his name really is Randy Rainbow, you may wonder where the last name came from. At least I wondered that—as a linguist and as someone interested in Ashkenazi genealogies. It turns out that his great-great-grandparents fled Austria-Hungary for England, where they just translated their name from Regenbogen (Yiddish for “rainbow”) to Rainbow. The next generation emigrated to America. Randy point out that it’s fortunate that the original emigrés went to England rather than Ellis Island, or else his name would probably now be Rabinowitz and “I might be an accountant today.”
  • OK, that was just trivia. But this one is important. Randy’s description of his father will remind you of someone else:

My father didn’t have a strong moral code or belief system about anything, really, aside from his beliefs that he was always right about everything, that he was always the victim in every situation, and that he should always be adored by everyone…. His mannerisms, down to the cadence of his speaking voice and even some of his facial expressions, made him almost an exact replica of you-know-who. He was a hair-obsessed, lying, cheating, emotionally stunted, and completely self-absorbed textbook narcissist. (And those were his most appealing qualities.)

  • Finally, if you are not one of the 1,783,319 viewers of “If Donald Got Fired,” Randy’s duet with Patti Lupone, a parody of a famous song from Gypsy, you should definitely devote four minutes and eleven seconds of your time to watching it. Note that it was written just before the 2020 election when their wish came true.
  • OK, I lied. That wasn’t “finally” after all. We have to close with the obligatory cat picture. Here is Randy’s beautiful and much-loved Persian, Mushi:

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