Hints for linguistics quiz

Four days ago I gave you a linguistics quiz that Lynne Murphy designed for the holiday season. The quiz is reprinted below so you don’t have to flip back and forth.

Full answers will be posted on Tuesday. For the moment, here are some hints:

  • Round 1
    1. Indo-European, but most people don’t know that.
    2. European, but not Indo-European!
    3. Wait until you’ve answered #10.
    4. Are you feeling hygge?
    5. European, but not Indo-European! Those diacritics might help.
    6. Likewise. Related to #5, in fact.
    7. The alphabet gives it away.
    8. European, but not Indo-European again! The “cs” might help.
    9. Top o’ the morning to you.
    10. Once you see the pattern, you can fill in the rest.
  • Round 2
    1. He was famously two-faced.
    2. No chi-squared test is needed.
    3. Think in three dimensions.
    4. Wine or cider.
    5. Better Swedish than German!
    6. Start with bread in Romance languages, then add two prefixes.
    7. A foxy question.
    8. Keep it away from your cats.
    9. You can guess this with no knowledge of Dutch.
    10. No, it’s not the “Jewish Christmas.”

And here is the reprint of the quiz:

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