Jane Austen in Scarsdale: or Love, Death, and the SATs

This satirical novel is an irresistible book for anyone who lives or works in a town like Weston. (I know, the title says Scarsdale, but they’re close enough.) Paula Marantz Cohen has updated Jane Austen’s Persuasion by moving it 200 years later and 3000 miles to the west. The story focuses on a guidance counselor at a mildly fictionalized Scarsdale High School, along with a variety of personal relationships and angst among students and their parents. It’s certainly not great literature, but I definitely recommend this amusing novel for its insight into the world of academically pressured, well-to-do suburban communities. This page is a good example:

Scarsdale p. 248

Even in Weston this would be satire.

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