Surrounded by police

“The house next door is surrounded by police, including a swat team.”

This wasn’t really what I wanted to hear (four hours ago) in a phone call from Barbara. By now, of course, you’ve probably heard the main story: two plainclothes cops who were being undercover drug investigators were shot (non-fatally) by two perps in a drug deal that they had interrupted. This was not next door to us, but it was only a short block and a half away. I wasn’t home at the time. Apparently the area was immediately swarming with police, who closed down a six-block section of Dorchester Ave.

So what does this have to do with the house next door? Well, the police shot one of the perps right away, but the other escaped and ran away to who-knows-where. Apparently someone suggested that he could be in the house next door to us, perhaps because the people on the second floor leave the front door open all the time. So everyone in that house had to leave immediately and camp out temporarily on our front porch. The cops didn’t find any bad guys after all, but clearly there must have been evidence of something, as two detectives are still there investigating.

Admittedly this is not Wellesley Park or Ashmont Hill or Carruth St., but it’s still supposed to be one of the nice parts of Dorchester. Pretty scary, no?


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