From strangers to family

Yesterday evening the Crimson Summer Academy held its Tenth Annual Celebration to recognize the conclusion of another summer’s hard work. (Hard to believe that it’s been ten years!) Among the many fine presenters, one in particular stood out: the junior class speaker, who gave an exceptionally moving talk that I will always remember. She told us how she had been homeless during her childhood and had to live in a shelter. This was the only world she knew; she thought that she was among family, but eventually she realized that they were strangers. And then, in ninth grade, she made a three-year commitment to the Crimson Summer Academy. When she arrived, she thought she was among strangers, but eventually realized that they had become her family.

(Our current junior class is amazingly cohesive. These 31 diverse teens have bonded to the point that they are all exceptionally supportive of each other and really do consider themselves not only a community of learners but also a family in all but the literal sense.)

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