224 Boston Street

As I wrote on 12/12/2015 and 10/31/2010, Dorchester used to have a scarcity of good restaurants, but now there are a lot:

Twenty-five years ago you could count the number of good restaurants in Dorchester  on the fingers of one hand (even if you had broken two fingers). Today it would take both hands and a foot…more likely two feet. The first of these transforming restaurants was 224 Boston Street, which initiated the slow but steady progress that turned Dorchester into a destination for good food.

That was my 2015 comment. In the past four years even more good restaurants have opened! Last night, as long as Barbara and I were at the South Bay Home Despot, we decided to drive around the corner to return to 224, where we had another good meal: dollar oysters and meat loaf for Barbara, cream of broccoli soup (with pickled onions and crème fraiche) and roast lamb with feta and “Greek fries” for me. You may wonder, as we did, what Greek fries are. They seem to be regular french fries with Greek oregano on them. And maybe some garlic.

No room for dessert; in fact we both had to bring home kitty bags. But, as Barbara likes to point out, “leftovers are a good thing.” Service was friendly and professional, and the noise level was blessedly quiet.

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