“How to Read 50 Books in a Year (Even When You’re Busy)”

As we discussed a few days ago, a Pew poll showed that Americans don’t read very much. More specifically, it’s non-college-educated adults don’t read many books, but also reading in general is way down — reading of almost all types and in almost all groups. Actually, some people are reading much more during the pandemic, but most are reading much less.

John Spencer, whose blog I highly recommend for various audiences, especially teachers, recently wrote a post called “How to Read 50 Books in a Year (Even When You’re Busy)”. After summarizing the aforementioned Pew poll, Spencer goes on to explain what the title promises. It’s all based on making small tweaks to your schedule rather than making a massive time commitment. His suggestions are all good, but you certainly can’t expect every one of them to be appropriate for you as an individual. Think of it as a menu, from which you can select whatever works for you. His poster above this piece summarizes his recommended steps, but you still need to read his whole article.

You may wonder whether I do all the things he recommends. The answer is that I do some and not others. Actually, I have never had any problem reading 50+ books a year. But suggestions like Spencer’s are always welcome. Find what works for you.

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