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  • The Late Show (no, not that one)

    This Late Show is the newest police procedural by Michael Connelly, famous for his intertwined Harry Bosch series and Lincoln Lawyer series. Although they say you can’t tell a book by its cover, this cover clearly reveals that The Late Show is the first… Read More ›

  • Couldn’t happen to me!

    Or could it?

  • Weston in first place!

    After Thursday’s meet (first meet of the year), Weston is currently in first place among medium-sized schools in the Massachusetts Math League, even beating Canton! Here are totals for the top five schools so far: 5 Tewksbury 34 4 Lynnfield… Read More ›

  • Lexicon Valley (and a bit of Freakonomics)

    And now we come to my fourth and last post about linguistics podcasts, which I promised almost two weeks ago. You get two for the price of one here — well, more like 2¼ for the price of one, as we… Read More ›

  • Very Bad Words

    Now for the third installment of posts about linguistics podcasts: Very Bad Words. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking. But it’s a podcast, not a broadcast, so they can get away with it without being bothered by the FCC. It’s the creation… Read More ›

  • The World in Words

    As the title suggests, The World in Words is an offshoot of Public Radio International’s The World. It’s a linguistic podcast that focuses on…well…the world. And words. It’s also the subject of this second review of linguistics podcasts, as promised in… Read More ›

  • Lingthusiasm

    OK, yes, I know that on September 26 I wrote that “My next four posts will deal with four different linguistics podcasts.” But then I was overtaken by events and just had to write a post about the noxious and… Read More ›

  • Aren’t we supposed to be promoting STEM?

    This is disgusting. A leading member of Congress, Republican Dave Schweikert of Arizona, spent all day yesterday talking about the new Republican tax plan — yikes! numbers! — and had this to say about it on NPR’s All Things Considered this… Read More ›

  • Linguistic Podcasts

    My next four posts will deal with four different linguistics podcasts — a new medium that has recently come to my attention. I’m sure you’ve been listening to podcasts for years, but I became aware of them only six months… Read More ›

  • Camino Island

    It’s John Grisham, so I never expected it to be great literature. But I was still disappointed. The beginning was absorbing, and I liked the premise. The novel is all about booksellers and novelists — well, more like a bookseller and a novelist —… Read More ›